Sunday, December 05, 2010

MAKING A MARK: Ed McGuinness

You guys know the drill; every Sunday, Making A Mark gives a bit of space to an insanely talented artistic soul. Well, this week kicks off something different - heading into Christmas Making A Mark will feature a pro whose artistic style always has a positive and bright 'Christmas' feel, one that makes their work more than 'good for goodness sake'.

Kicking things off, Mr. Majestic himself Ed McGuinness

When I randomly picked up the first issue to Joe Kelly's Deadpool run, the book didn't just crack me up with dialogue, it introduced me to Ed McGuinness. A guy who takes the best aspects of manga, western comics and cartoons and makes them one. 

My favourite 'east meets west' comic artist, Ed's solid figures and just enough detail have created an unmistakable personal style. Heck, even the toys DC Direct based on his art stand out from the crowd!

While he is currently at Marvel for me he's in the wrong area of Marvel. Don't get me wrong I love Ed's Hulk, but to me McGuinness's style pulls him towards bigger concepts, like Silver Surfer or the hell impressive Thor at the top of this post. Plus I get the feeling his Dr Strange would be pure magic! What about you? Who would you like to see him tackle?

Covers in this post include (Top to bottom):
Civil War #3 Ed McGuinness variant
Superman/Batman #1 variants (I stood for ages choosing out of these two in the store! In the end I went with the Batman cover due to the Superman in it. Go figure!)
Hulk #11 Wolverine Art Appreciation variant
* Teen Titans #15

To see more Ed McGuinness might, pick up Marvel's Hulk monthly or check out his deviantART page after the jump.


  1. Aye verily, McGuinness and Thor are a perfect combo!

  2. Thanks Rob - now all we need is for Marvel it make it happen!