Sunday, December 26, 2010


Every Sunday, Making A Mark gives a bit of space to an insanely talented artist. This time round, it soaks up the NAD award for artist of the year, to spotlight the guy whose name is quickly becoming Brazilian for 'superstar' Ivan Reis.

Reis ushered in 2010 at the top of the game, with the all-devouring mega-event Blackest Night, and sees the year out in the same spot, providing the imagery for the Aquaman section of the bi-weekly Brightest Day - and making the King of the Seven Seas look and feel more iconic than he has in years.

Is that a Black Lantern Venom to the left of John Stewart? Back on track, Blackest Night was a visually stunning book, where Ivan's ability to draw crowds on a George PĂ©rez like magnitude was severely put to the test. Splash pages and story twist after story twist were revealed and Ivan kept pace with them all, which also allowed the book to addictively keep pace with it's shipping.

Turnaround isn't Ivan's only power ring. While previous books like Rann-Thanagar War and Green Lantern have seen Ivan blast his talents across limitless space, in the pages of Brightest Day, he has refined his skills in the opposite manner, detailing every wave, creature and rocky outcrop of the sea floor.

Now Aquaman and his burgeoning Aqua-cast look like A-listers under Reis's pencil, comes the true test of the artists skill. With the mini-series end in sight, fans aren't just asking what's next for Aquaman, Firestorm and Hawkman, they are also hungry to hear where Ivan's detailed style will find itself next as well.

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  1. this guy is insanely good! look how bold it is and the attention to detail! everything looks fantastic in this guy's drawings. even the stuff in his drawing that aren't the main subjects come out looking great. check out the facial features of the black guy in the in the Aquaman black n white! i don't know if he inked his own work or somebody else did that for him but that aspect of the illustration kicks ass too. all together it actually give the Sal Buscema and Akin n Garvey production team a run for their money. $%&@en really great stuff you picked a real winner here Dan. too bad this guy didn't do a ROM piece for the Bill Mantlo auction. although it wouldn't surprise me if it didn't get much in the way of any bids seeing as the work mostly has to be some kind of weird acid tripping BS for the bidders to be interested so far. so much of the stuff in this auction look like the weird kinda art from HEAVY METAL magazine: . but this Ivan Reis guy's stuff is straight forward, dynamic, bold, excellent study of anatomy and proportions and doesn't leave you scratching your head and saying "WTF?" to yourself.

  2. Thanks for the comments Dave - glad you liked the pick!

    Ivan is amazing month in, month out, and while he's worked for others in the past, DC definitely has the next Neal Adams on their hands here. If they return to a big seven JLA Reis should be the guy behind it.

    I first ran into Ivan on Lady Death and knew Chaos wouldn't hold him for long!

  3. I love it when an artist comes along who doesn't skimp on the details. You can spend time enjoying every panel Ivan draws, or you can simply read the book. A rare quality in an artist. Too many artists these days take the easy out of stylism. Stylized art can be done well, but I think too often it's used to cover the weaknesses in an artist's abilities, instead of being used in the truly creative way it should be. It is infinitely relieving to look at Ivan's work. Like a deep breath after swimming in a sea of adequacy. Good pick Dan.

  4. Exactly Random!! Couldn't agree more.

    It frustrates me quite a bit when I fork out for books done by folks who seem to have an allergy to backgrounds.

    I mean heck Scooby Doo must have run past the same tree 500 times as he ran down that corridor but at least it was something!