Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NADS AWARDS 20-10: Best New Character

Giving birth is reportedly like trying to get out of your car through the exhaust pipe. Giving birth to your own four colour comic creation however is also a peril filled venture. Fail and fan-folk will scream for your head, but pull it off and those same fans will hail your name and wonder how the medium survived without your CMYK bundle of joy.

That said, this year the nominees for Best New Character are;

* Robot Lois Lane (Action Comics)
* Aqualad (Brightest Day)
* Benjamin Warner (Starborn)
* Joe (Joe The Barbarian)

Who would've thought after 70 years of her namesake Lois Lane would top the award for best new character? But Lex Luthor's robotic companion easily walks away with the title in her designer metallic heels, by not only offering Luthor another perspective on his quest for power, but also getting into some of the craziest situations a metallic mistress could possibly handle. Let's take a gander;

Hostage of Mr Mind, about to have her mind blown (allegedly at least).

4 outta 5 scientists say 'Gronk' most under-used sound effect.

Crowd control/Baby-sitter. I mean whose going to argue with that?

Don't let your pull-list rust - catch Robot Lois in writer Paul Cornell and artist Pete Wood's Action Comics, monthly from DC.

Who was your favourite new character from 20-10?
TOMORROW: The NAD Award for best word balloon or thought bubble maker.


  1. Oh, I so agree (although from a position of having read only Action Comics, of the titles mentioned). I love RoboLo.

  2. Hey Martin - glad you doug the pick too (You know I'm never going to stop calling her RoboLo now don't ya?)!

    As if it wasn't cool enough having Lex steal Clarks birth title from him, it's been fun watching RoboLo (see what you've started) do the same to him. She almost walks away with every issue.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. This character is a truly brilliant twist on an old favorite.

  4. oh man what a scum bag Grodd is! makes me glad that Lex shot him out of air lock into the vacuum of space in the Justice League cartoon.

  5. Grodd sure is a charmer David - in this issue he even charges into battle using a war spoon. Yip a war spoon.

    How Paul keeps the laughable dramatic is beyond me but it sure is great reading!

    Glad you liked RoboLo too Kello. I have to admit I almost wanted to run Jimmy Olsen here too, as the back-up's in Action Comics make him feel brand new, but I thought I better just stick with one nominee a title at the moment!

  6. Why a spoon? Because it's dull you twit, it'll hurt more. Sorry, just watched the best Christmas Movie Ever, "Die Hard" And all Rickman movie quotes are now funneling through my head.

  7. And I thought I was the only one who put Die Hard on their fav Christmas movies list. I dont get where peoples shock comes from - its held on Christmas and heaps of stuff lights up! How much more festive can you get?

  8. Exactly! I can't hear Let it Snow without thinking Yippee Kai Yay, and bloody feet. And Twinkies. Lots and lots of Twinkies. It's always in the rotation right after A Christmas Story and National Lampoon. People are missing out. Nothing screams the holidays like thieves masquerading as international terrorists. Besides, they light up the whole building! And the glow of joy on those guys faces when the vault opens and the melodic strains of Ode to Joy swells...always brings tears to my eyes.