Sunday, December 19, 2010

PASSPORT STAMP: Chak, Claudia Ka, Chinese Gunman, Lee Stone, and Alan Derosby

Five days 'til Christmas and what do 'ya know? Five new followers to It's A Dan's World (Do you think we'll break 70 before years end?)! While you place your bets on that one, let's meet the newbies!

Chak is the mastermind/genius behind the previously mentioned - where you can get your comic freak on through greeting cards you only dreamed existed!

Claudia Ka pours her tastes in rhythm into the Brazilian music-based blog Tempero Musical.

Chinese Gunman runs a self-titled blog - careful kiddies - mature audiences only.

Lee Stone, from Texas, juggles a few blogs on the interweb. Track down his thoughts on comic news at Republic of Republicants.

And finally but no means least, Alan Derosby is one of three brothers running - which is already conveniently over in the blogroll to the right!

Welcome to IADW Chak, Claudia, C.G, Lee and Alan - glad to have you aboard!


  1. It's about time another one of my brothers showed up here

  2. I always thought I should put you on commission Craig! :D

    I thought your daughter might be next when I started doing a few stories on Robin/Nightwing a while back. Oh well, early days...

  3. I plan on doing some promotion of my favorite blogs in the next few weeks (partially due to lack of time or ideas on what to write about). You'll be the first.

    My older daughter visited this week and left me a message, under my login of course so it looks like I'm talking to myself. Nick and his friends check us out once in awhile, and Alan and Keith's students check the site out regularly (particularly when we have something we shouldn't have posted in the first place). Who knows, you may get some well-deserved traffic coming your way.