Sunday, December 26, 2010

PASSPORT STAMP: Nazario, Flavio, James Halstead

Wowza, not even the end of the year yet folks, and over seventy dedicated followers of fictional fantasy have set click on 'follow' here at IADW! Still it's never good showing up at a shin-dig and no one greets you, so let's go meet the latest batch!

Nazario is an illustrator/animator from San Juan, Porto Rico, and has his hands in a few artistic blogs of his own, including Rafael's professional site - Rafael Nazario.

Flavio is another fan of illustrated imagination, and knows he'll find plenty locked in to IADW!

James Halstead runs the blog All Things Fett, where the subjects are wide ranging romps through pulp and sci-fi, and a place where X-Force's Domino will soon have a weekly butt-kickin' spot!

Welcome Nazario, Flavio and James - Glad to have you aboard!

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