Sunday, January 23, 2011


When director Joel Schumacher took to his Batman movies with an army of highlighter neon's I thought the dude had let all his monkeys out of the cage at once. Gotham doesn't work dressed up like the world of TRON (although 'Bat-TRON' does have more than a few legs).

Then this piece of light art was found wondering the internet and I have to take it all back. Bats would work with neon. It's moody, imposing and all the things a good crazed millionaire with a utility belt needs to be. Look out bat-signal, your days might just be at an end.


  1. joel schumacher must die. i actually managed to make Batman movies even more horrible the tim burton did. we're talkn friggin nipples on the suite and Gotham looking like a goddamn neon amusment park! ya know what i'd like ta do here mates? i'd like to take burton and schumacher and strap them to a chair and wire their eyes open like in a Clock Work Orange and make them watch Batman Begins & Dark Knight on a loop at least 12 hours a day. i write run on sentences when i rant.

  2. Hey who doesn't write run ons when a rants in effect? It makes keeping up with the thought train easier!

    I think comic movies will forever be plagued by the term 'Bat-nipples'.

  3. I think I've gone on a rant or two myself (and you called me on one earlier this week Dave). No harm, no foul.

    I'm with the both of you on the Schumacher love train. When the argument for the Batman costume became whether or not Clooney or O'Donnel got the larger codpiece, I remember thinking "this guy doesn't no longer deserves respect OR the right to direct this movie".

  4. Not to mention the fact that they tried to justify it as "camp". I'd like to point out that "camp" does not equal bad taste. And what Schumacher did was more a slap in the face to Adam West than a homage.