Saturday, January 29, 2011

BLACK LANTERN CHARACTER DESIGNS: The Question To Lois Lane, Joe Prado Kills 'Em All

Okay, so the Black Lantern has given way to all the lanterns of the M&M spectrum again, and a Brightest Day has swept over the DCU, but what if you still have a thirst for more undead DC dude and dudette art? Well artist Joe Prado has got your answer.

Over at Joe has given the original art retailer 76 sketches of various blacked out characters - and from the Teen Titans to KGBeast, Superman to Aquagirl, no area of DC is left untouched.

Look at these details (click to enlarge all images folks)! The Question's mask (above left) is spooky, while the original Mr. Terrific (right) gives shivers still running around with 'Fair Play' on his zoot suit.

Earth 2's Lois Lane (left) probably still bakes a mean set of brownies, and the Crimson Fox (center) proves she knows how to strike a pose regardless of pulse. Batman rouge Magpie though (right) probably suits this look more dead than she ever did alive.

The Doom Patrol's Cliff Steele (left) is uniquely gruesome, Nightwing bad-ass Blockbuster (center) proves a good suit goes the distance, and Breach (right) steps back to ask why you didn't pick up his awesome little series back in 2005.

For the full gallery of grim-reapery hit the jump.


  1. *sigh* I really miss Vic Sage. That was one character I really hoped would be coming back to life.

  2. I was hoping for a return too Liss. I know there's that other Question, but on a globe of 6 billion odd people I'm sure there's more than one Clark Kent so why not two Questions?

    It's doing okay for Batman right now.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. I just never understood the idea behind making Renee the next Question. She was a great character as a Detective, especially during the Gotham Central books. "Regular" people can be interesting comic book characters, too, but apparently DC doesn't think so. :(

  4. Yeah that's what puzzled me too - especially in the success they have had keeping Oracle as a 'normal' human. I think Renee also fleshed out the Gotham police and her turning Question left a void in other areas of the DCU she really couldve made a home in.