Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FOUR TO THREE: How You Play Them Out When The Odds Are Against You

Well today i didn't even have to log on to the internet to get the news over which Fantastic Four-ian brought it in the latest issue of Fantastic Four (#587). My alarm clock went off on the hour and it was the radio station's 4th story of the news bulletin.

While my issue is still in the hot little hands of the global postage service, click through if you want to see the hero who falls in the line of duty, and how they falls just how a true hero should - in the face of uncountable odds.

Warning: Artist Steve Epting and writer Jonathon Hickman make this a comic farewell for the history books.

Poor Johnny. More than Batman and Robin or Iron Fist and Cage, Thing and The Human Torch were the best duo in all of comics.

Apparently Ben has an amazing line at the issues end, and as the only member of the FF who was on hand when the Torch went out, it will be interesting to see how the rock skinned hardman deals with this in the coming months.


  1. What a way to go. Now here's hoping Marvel doesn't ruin it by throwing a resurrection in another year or so via a contrived plot device.

    In the second frame down, that looks like the Violator emerging from the crowd.

  2. and I just noticed your new masthead. Excellent piece of work my friend. Not that we'd expect anything less from you Dan.

  3. Thanks Craig - glad I'm not the only one to see the Violator there too - I thought nice, death of the Human Torch plus a Spawn tribute.

    As for the masthead - i just thought I'd have more fun with it this year and theme it for big events. I've got an all Transformers one planned of the original for around the movie too so I know you'll like that one!

  4. as you can see, my idea to modify the logo hasn't come to fruition yet. I've got some of the images started, but nothing finished. Didn't I make a resolution to change this behavior?
    I can't wait to see the Transformers one you have planned. We've got a big year coming up, what with Thor, Cap, et al showing their faces. Good luck.

  5. Well, it's Marvel, so at some point you KNOW they'll throw in a contrived resurrection device. I think it's in their bi-laws.
    But I gotta admit...pretty good endgame for the Torch.

  6. Thanks for that Craig!

    @Random - as long as Torch doesn't turn out to be a Skrull - I think I'm all Skrulled out at the moment. But with the FF such experienced time travellers, couldn't Reed get the Avengers, Silver Surfer and go back a few seconds prior and save the day?

    Just sayin is all...

  7. Oh my God!!!
    Ressurect him right away!
    That is soo wrong!
    Yeah, they should find a way to save him.
    I hope he was a skrull.
    You'll pardon my shock, but in Portugal the FF don't make radio news. So I just knew this in here.

  8. No worries Aliera, Torch may have gone out like a candle in the wind, but no hero who appears on so many T-Shirts, lunchboxes and action figures ever stays dead for long - he'll be back. Let's just hope they don't replace him with HERBIE in the meantime!