Monday, January 31, 2011

NOW THAT'S ICONIC: James White's Green Lantern Fan Poster

Sometimes less is more, actually alott of times less is more - unless you're talking M&M's those suckers are damn addictive. Still while the folks at Warner Bros. have already forked out for this ultra detailed Green Lantern movie poster, I'm with James White in thinking one of the most iconic ideas that got left behind, is also one of the clearest;

James writes he was the kid who always pretended to be Hal Jordan, while his other mates argued over who was Batman. That enduring fan-love made him want to design a poster that not only highlighted how iconic Green Lantern is, but paid homage to the Super Powers Toy Hal Jordan and painter Alex Ross. Boy did he ever.

While it may not be the Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan movie glove, if you are a GL Fan it undoubtably gets you all tingly inside.

Visit James White's website after the jump.


  1. Love it. Looks way better than the real one, Two Guys, a Girl, and a Power Ring.

  2. This is great, huge fan of his work.His tron fan stuff is also awesome.

  3. Yeah I love it too guys - so simple but really hammers the character home.

    You're right IFF James's gallery is full of great work. Remember to click on the link folks!