Thursday, January 13, 2011

ORIGAMI AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Impressive Paper Art Heroes

Back in my day girls in primary school were always running round with those four-finger-operated fortune telling paper devices asking you to 'Pick a number'. Piff! One girl who has a bit more sense as to what to do with paper is Cheong-ah Hwang.  Just look;

Not only has she rendered a whole truckload of fairy tales and Jedi Knights in her paper artworks, but also Avengers like Captain America and Iron Man.

And you just put all that Christmas wrapping paper in the trash didn't you... for shame.

Hit the jump for more.


  1. well, i'd say these are somewhat more intricate then the origami that Edward James Olmos was making in Blade Runner to say the least! damn, a picture just doesn't do it here i would reeeaaaly like to see these things in the flesh (so to speak) and be able to study em closely. but hey at least thanks to IADW i know about em now.
    by the way the word verification for this comment is tards. kinda funny i think.

  2. Holy Folded Paper Batman! This is so cool! Where do you find this stuff? Seriously. You have a source, right? Meets you down on the cyber-corner? Hands you little folded notes full of tips. Really, very nifty. Thank you so much! I can't wait to show this to the guys.

  3. I would like to see em in real life too Dave - that Cap looks amazing - just look at that chain armour!

    As for my sources Random, I just wanted to start showcasing new comic related stuff on IADW, and with google at my side and an underground lair fill of caffeine driven googlers I've picked up some pretty sweet stuff so far!

    Glad you like!

  4. actually what Dan meant to say was that he runs a sweat shop sort of operation in which he's got a bunch people going through google all day and have to come up with a quota of cool sh_t every few hours or they get electric shocks or something. don't they have labor laws in New Zealand Dan? and by the way, is there a place somewhere in the world just called Zealand? that kinda has to be the case for there to be a "New".
    as if that isn't weird enough the word verification to post this comment is balzh. is there something in the air today or what? maybe the vibe from my latest Suicide Squad posting is catching some how?

  5. Thanks Rob!

    Hey Dave - yip there is a Zealand - it's an island by Denmark. We thought it was kinda funky but needed something else, and inspired by the 'All New, All Different X-Men' shoved new at the front. Me I think it works a treat :D

    The Maori name for New Zealand while we are on an educational bent is Aotearoa (a-o-tear-row-ha) which loosely means land of the long white cloud.

    As for labour laws, yeah I'm sure they are around here somewhere ;D