Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PANEL-BEATER: The Comic of The Month

"First lesson in survival you learn in the Negative Zone... Never make threats you can't back up"

I hate epilogue issues. Generally 'epilogue' is publisher-nesse for 'That storyline did better than we expected, let's squeeze a few more dollars out of it'. Not so.

Infact right from the first few pages of The Thanos Imperative: Devastation, Miguel Sepulveda blows that notion and your eyeballs out of the water, with some of the most amazing art launching out of 2011. Seriously, make Blastaar look as cool as this and your career can only point up.

From there, the book quickly turns from 'epilogue' to bridging recently concluded mini: The Thanos Imperative and upcoming The Annihilators, using Cosmo - the telepathic dog - to explore the remaining riches of Marvel's cosmic cast. With Cosmo as your guide how can you not love the quirkiness of this book?

Drama, humour and action all in equal doses, while I was sad to see Century from Force Works wasn't yet squeezed in, the best exchange surprisingly comes from said psychic mutt and Beta Ray Bill, ironically on what people want most.

As the heavy-hitting heroes unite and writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning dust off 80's Marvel cosmic goodness, both bad and good, fans of true epic adventure have just had a warning shot fired across their wallets; The Annihilators are on the way.


  1. i like what you said about epilogue issues Dan that was funny and sadly enough probably true. aside from the already mentioned aspects of this issue in the posting and a sneak peak at the return of the Dire Wraiths and The Space Knights of Galador to the Marvel Universe there was one other way cool thing here. there's a great splash page of Blastarr being a real dick only to have Ronin, Gladiator, Silver Surfer,Quasar and Beta Ray Bill turn up in which Blastarr just says "oh sh..". implied profanity is virtually as good as the real thing. that's so f@#$ing cool don't ya think? by the way folks, ever notice how Blastarr looks a lot like Darkside's son Kalabak?

  2. Hey David! Thanks for all the great comments! Yeah D'nA are great at the profanity thing. In fact after reading Flark as the substitute in Guardians of the Galaxy for so long, I think I even swapped it out a couple of times in real life too.

    Now you mention it Blastaar does look like Kalibak - maybe it wasn't the sons of New Genesis and Apokolips that were swapped at birth after all...