Thursday, January 27, 2011

REWIND REVIEWS: A Pair Of 8's, And The Panther's New Home

If there's a few dinero rolling round in your wallet and you're thinking of adding an extra pull to your haul, here's three quick-fire reviews to help steer your spare change in the right direction.

Ed Brubaker's writing *****
Mike Deodato's art *****

Few books on the market right now have the class of character mix as Secret Avengers, but stack them in amoungst all the plot twists and turns of this book, and many end up with nothing to do or say.

The return of Shang Chi's father continues to frustrate the team, while Mike Deodato does things with page layouts your Pop only dreamed of. If Beast #1 ever surfaces, I re-state Mike should be the only guy to do it. *****

Geoff Johns' writing *****
Scott Kolins' art *****

Okay so this is partly to skite I got the variant cover I was after - sue me. The second of two 'Rouge Profiles', this issue looks at Eobard Thawne aka The Reverse Flash.

A man who screws with time to create his ideal life, until he hits freewill, The Reverse Flash is set to hit his stride in 2011, but few will draw the sinister speedster the way Scott Kolins does. Especially on that last page splash - brrrr. *****

David Liss' writing *****
Francesco Francavilla's art *****

Calling a spade a spade, while I like the Black Panther, I wouldn't have picked up this book if he hadn't moved into Daredevil's old mag. Had I missed this issue, right now I'd be kicking myself or paying someone to kick me for me.

Not only is Francesco Francavilla my current favourite wielder of a 2B pencil, writer David Liss' 'set-up' issue never reads like one. T'Challa's motivations and those of Vlad The Impaler only show signs of more damned good reading ahead. *****


  1. that Black Panther cover is sic! i remember you mentioning on the ROM blog how much you liked Francesco Francavilla's work.

  2. nice short review..Brubaker is still unfolding amazing stories for secret avengers..if i had it my way the current team members should remain as the core members not just for the arc but for the whole series thus shang chi and prince of orphans

  3. Thanks Guys!

    Yip Dave Francesco is right up there in my books, and he's done so many character sketches online it's amazing. He has a real Pulp feel to his work that sickeningly enough just seems to come natural!

    IFF I agree the stories in Secret Avengers are still great but I would probably trim the membership by at least one. I think that might make the screen-time for each hero a little better and bigger.

    Thanks again folks!