Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SCHOOL IS IN: Phil Jimenez Adventure Comics' Jack Of All Trades

Phil Jiminez is one amazingly talented dude. As a writer and an artist he's got enough skills to sink a small island nation, and today comes news he's signed exclusive to DC to co-plot and draw the Legion Academy in the pages of Adventure Comics starting with Feb's #523.

Having already debuted some of the latest Legionnaires in training back in LOSH #6, Phil's not only created some great new characters, but also given a hot coat of paint to Cosmic Boy, Triplicate Girl, and the world (or should that be worlds?) of the 31st Century.

Phil turned Wonder Woman on it's head when he pulled double duty on that title. What he will do now, with untouched characters and a more continuity free future to play in is exciting enough that your spare change should be rounding itself up for this run.

Yip, the man is back wearing his more comfortable DC slippers and the future has never looked better.

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  1. what a bummer Dan upon a closer look at these character's short bios i was hoping to find someone from New Zealand. on a more art related note after taking a closer look this guy's style kinda reminds me of Alan Davis. I'm sure i don't need to tell you what high praise that is.

  2. Thanks for that Dave! Nah in the 31st century New Zealand floats above the oceans like a mobile oasis so no one wants to leave!

    Alan Davis sure is tops, and of course there's the George Perez likeness too!

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. Jimenez is sheer class in this short spin-off from the LSH. His sense of design is pitch-perfect.

    Anyone wanting to know more about the Legion APAs can contact Rob Rundle at

  4. Thanks for the address Karl, I'll probably email Rob later this week!

    Phil did do an awesome job on this spin-off, and made the 31st century actually look like such. While Comet Queen has just delivered a key role in the current Legion title and Dragonwing is still appearing, for me it was always a shame that Gravity Kid didn't get much to do after those initial issues. It was almost like the stupid comments about his uniform over the web effected what DC wanted to do with the character.

    Sure Starman has similar powers but I just can't help but feel a good character has gone begging there, if only for a while..