Tuesday, February 01, 2011

STAND TALL: Your Inner Superman Shield

I love this. Photoshop all you want, you just couldn't get this sense of pride, strength and hope with a 'bat', 'spider' or 'x' logo. From the Obvious Winner, this pic showcases Superman's 'S' and the dude himself will always be number one folks - for just this reason.


  1. there's something about kids and superheroes. Sometimes they don't even need an insignia to show off the pride.
    I've been digging around to see if I've got a picture of Nick in his "uniform". When he was about 2, he carried around these little baby blankets and insisted we tie them around his neck like capes. He wore them everywhere (except to bed of course). In the winter he'd even wear them under his jacket, like he was ready to burst into action if the moment required it.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. At every stage of Gabe's life we have to have three sets of pj's. Spider-man, of course, (which has always been, and will probably always be the favorite), Superman, and Batman. One must be washed at all times. The mask is optional, and as he gets older I am now allowed to call him Gabe as his alter ego instead of Peter, Clark, or Bruce, but if the mask goes on I musn't slip and reveal the secret identity. I especially loved it after he saw Batman Begins and he started using the gravelly Batman voice that Christian Bale uses. It was remarkably accurate.

  3. Now those are some great, great comments guys - thanks for sharing! You are right though kids and capes always seems to make for a potent combination.

    My own cape days I even wrote a post about here; http://itsadansworld.blogspot.com/2010/06/what-superman-means-to-me-my-tribute-to.html

    Maybe I need to do it as an adult haha and see if it still feels the same...

  4. My Daniel dressed as Batman last carnival and Vicent as Iron Fist.
    Now he's grown from the Iron fist costume but doesn't want to give up on it. There is this pride on being a hero.

  5. There sure is Aliera. If your son is an Iron Fist fan, make sure you show him http://ironfistfan.blogspot.com

  6. Sure I will! Anything that shows Batman, Spider-man or Iron Fist, and they're screaming around me and asking what is going on.
    Thank you