Saturday, February 05, 2011

APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION: The VW Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial

I always thought as I got married it would be cool if the bride walked down the isle to the Darth Vader theme. Not for any implied 'impending doom' associations, but just because it's a wicked piece of music and anythings gotta be better than hearing Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On one more time.

Still this weekend in the grand ol' U.S of A is the Super Bowl, and as sporting husbands and wifes across the globe shun their significant others to enjoy the game time in piece and quiet with a few brews and some chip and dip, multi-national corporations are spending upwards of $6 mill on 1 minute commercials, to slot in during the show and attract your disposable dollar.

VW - always a car maker of inspiration, decided they' get a bit more mileage if they flipped their's out on YouTube in advance, and since it features a kid trying his darndest to be the ultimate Sith Lord (because we've all been there) and said Darth Vader theme, you can check it out right here, as a starter for the main feast of trailers and what not I'll be posting after the big game sets them free.

Just be warned - he tries to screw with the mind of the family dog... I'm just saying.


  1. I just knew you will post this Dan..i saw this commercial courtesy of Damon Lindeolf(Creator of LOST TV show) twitter stating "this is the best tv ad ever" and i must say he was right.
    Great pick as always!

  2. One of the greatest commercials EVER. Hands down.

    Some of the movie trailers for the Super Bowl....oh, I'm sorry, the "Big Game" have already been released early. Unfortunately the list of early releases includes Rango and Kung Fu Panda. My kids were happy, I was not. I keep checking just in case.

  3. Getting predictable am I now IFF? ;D Might have to change it up a bit! Like you and Craig say though it is pretty brilliant, and easilly worth it's primetime spot!

    I was a little disappointed with Rango too I have to say Craig, but all my eyes are on the new Pirates one and Cap. How those turn out will flavour my mood for the week I reckon!

  4. I'll log in after the game and let you know. I plan on tracking the Cap trailer down and posting it up ASAP. I'm hoping someone posts it up immediately, but I'm expecting we won't see it until early Monday morning.

  5. Likewise Craig - I'm hoping to track down the Cap trailer pretty quickly too - even if I have to go to some dodgy sites to find it - it will be on IADW :D