Thursday, February 10, 2011

BOXED SET: Earth's Mightiest Cosplay

When you were young there was nothing you couldn't do with a box. Wear it as armour, make a fort, even slide down a grassy hill on it when it got tatty. Well back in 2010 Flickr user NikeJerk and over a dozen mates brushed off the childhood wardrobe staple and with a bit of paint and a heap of fan-love, created these items of cosplay coolness, to be earth's mightiest heroes (and even the odd villain).

See? It's enough to make even Mr. Mxyzptlk stop in awe. Hands down, the outfit I want to grab and run away with is Beast's, but from the Scarlet Witch to Hawkeye, Thor to Loki, all of them make for traffic stopping numbers with only one wee flaw... Where on earth is Vision?!

For the full handle with care collection, click the jump.


  1. I love that Dr. McCoy is in the group and all... but he looks like he's running around bare-assed.

  2. And he doesn't wanna do that Craig - he could catch his death! The things cosplay artists forget... oh well if it works for Donald Duck ;D