Thursday, February 10, 2011

CHALLENGING THE UNKNOWN: The New Fantastic Four Suit Up For The Future

The Future Foundation is preforming a mutiny. The braintrust Mr Fantastic formed in the recent pages of The Fantastic Four, takes over as the core brand of the book in March when the relaunched FF #1 sees Spider-Man join the party - just in time to be decked out in these spiffy wee numbers, designed by Marko Djurdjevic.

Graphically I love this new look. It's crisp, clean and gives the team back an 'explorers of the unknown over superheroes' look that ties back to The Fantastic Four's roots.

While that's the best Ben's looked costume wise in ages, even Spider-Man's spider has been given the hexagonal treatment. On the surviving Fantastic Four-ians, the new logo not only pays recognition to the death of the Torch, in a nice touch the white hexagon changes location on each outfit depending on the member who is wearing it.

Earth's biggest threats. Dr. Doom. Art by Steve Epting. Plus Jonathan Hickman writing more Spider-Man - how can you can say no to that?


  1. i'm leaning toward the "i like em" side of the meter but i'm still trying to figure out if i like the new costumes or not. but i have to say that is a very innovative design which took some imagination. so will somebody out there please give me the low down on the Torch's death.

  2. Thanks for the comments Dave!

    The Human Torch gave his life to stop the next Annihilation Wave from coming through from the Negative Zone. You can see his final moments right here on IADW

    The issue also had Franklin getting back his universe altering powers in one scary panel - so if you have a few bucks spare a printing of FF 587 might be a good read!

  3. I like the look. Don't love it yet, as it'll take some getting used-to, but it's clean, it makes sense as a real utilitarian uniform but still has that super-hero flash to it.

  4. crickey, how did i miss that!? what a way ta go. getting ripped to shreds by giant insects just like in Starshit Troopers seems rather unpleasant :(
    sorry for asking another dumb question here but can i assume his replacement is Spiderman? or is that some kind of Spiderman knock off character I was unaware of? also, i like the way this artist draw Ben Grimm. i think the more organic stream line anatomy looks better on him. i've never liked it when artists draw him so clunky and excessively rock like.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Craig, it seems to be growing on a few people looking round the interweb, I guess it's an instant hit with me because in my mind I see the FF as explorers over superheroes, and like you say this outfit lends itself to that a bit more. Let me know when you crack ;D

    Dave - the Torch's last moments definitely were good ones. There are no dumb questions on IADW mate - we all don't know something!

    It is Spider-Man above you are right, which is pretty cool as he's always been a regular guest star to the FF, and a good friend of the Torch so it's a fairly easy step to see him included. Just how many teams does that make now?

    I love how Marko drew the Thing too!

  6. Dan, here we've just become friends and I'm about to ruin all that...

    To me, this is EVERY shade of wrong! I'm liking Ben's costume a lot but hate, Hate, HATE the psuedo-Star Wars Stormtrooper uniforms and the honeycomb symbol is even worse! And Spidey in the FF? Nothing about this makes me remotely want to pick up the book.

  7. Haha! Ron all opinions are good ones - I don't think I've had a comic book buddy yet whose agreed with me 100% - and it's extra cool you posted your thoughts here as contrast - who knows all the other readers might be siding with you!

    I love the stromtrooper comparison too I hadn't seen that yet that suit kicks tail. I guess since Vader is suposedly inspired by Doom they felt they could use a little it in reverse.... wait... what's that Marvel? Sue will now sport a gold bikini and have a doughnut on the side of her head hairstyle?

    Okay - you're the boss! :D

  8. Dan, my opinion of you grows by leaps and bounds! I hadn't considered the Vader/Doom similarities but, damn dudee, that is so right on the mark!

    BTW: e-Mailed these pix to the wife. Her comment: "wow, why does Sue look like Lindsey Lohan coming off a bender?" Not sure I'd go that far but this is one of my least favorite Sue looks. (And you know she'd totally rock the gold bikini/braided rolls!)

  9. Hay Ron - glad you see I do have my moments of genius! Poor Lindsey Lohan, or should that be poor Sue Storm? From Mother of the Marvel U to drunken child superstar imitator?

    Actually Marvel did chuck Sue in a gold bikinni for a few issues once. Back when they went back to the barbarian ages in the 90's to save the presumed dead Reed in the barbarian ages. They never rolled her hair though... you know then it would've been to obvious!

  10. I like the new costumes a lot. Specially ben Grim's one, but...
    What happened to the Human Torch?
    I haven't been reading FF, but he was my favorite.

  11. I really like the look on Ben, but Spidey's black and whites are pretty sweet too.

  12. Well Aliera, I can tell from comments you've made on other posts you now get what happened to the Human Torch.. while that's sad though, I'm glad I have another costume fan in my corner!

  13. Yeah. Girls like clothing. I'm mourning now. :(
    That's whay they choose white?