Monday, February 14, 2011


Today lovers worldwide are slapping their foreheads as workmates remind them it is Valentines Day, and they quickly struggle to find their local Interflora so they can act like they never actually forgot.

But what about the bro-mance's? What day do you get to acknowledge as a male, that buddy that's had your back from the get go and the one who always steps up when you need to split a beer, a laugh or the odd pearl of wisdom. Well in honour of those good sorts, here are the Top 5 Comic Book Bromances.

5) Iron Man and War Machine: When you are a playboy billionaire with more dollar notes then you’ve breathed oxygen, you need someone to keep the paparazzi and assassins at bay. Rhodey took on that role and more for Tony Stark, having his back and steering him in the right direction, both as his bodyguard and armoured up as War Machine.

4) Beast Boy and Cyborg: Falling in love with a girl who tried to kill you and all your mates could send a guy insane, but hey who hasn't been there? As fate would have it Beast Boy was able to return the strength and support Vic showed him then, by stepping up where the combined might of the JLA and Titan's had failed and providing Cyborg with some frank home truths to snap him back inline before he destroyed the earth (as all good mates do).

3) Batman and Nightwing Sure Bats looks for a new Robin almost as often as American Idol, but none beat the relationship he has with the original boy of wonder. With Dick Grayson stepping to the side and casting his own shadow as Nightwing, the former sidekick and mentor are even stronger as equals.

2) Luke Cage and Iron Fist Their friendship made them 'Earth's Mightiest' long before either made 'Avengers' status. Luke Cage and Danny Rand often had their backs to the wall, but no matter the numbers against them with their 'pick on one - pick on both' bromance-ship, the odds were always in their favour!

1) Wolverine and Nightcrawler:

He’s the best there is at what he does and while that makes him a hit with the ladies, when it comes to mates Logan can pretty much come off as a lone wolf. Enter Nightcrawler. 

The adamantium avenger found in the faith filled acrobatic marvel not only someone who could keep up with him on the battlefield, but also someone he could confide in about the rages inside and someone who could help him steer them in the right direction.

So come on Marvel – bring Nightcrawler back already – Wolverine needs him!


  1. nice post Dan. Cage and Danny definitely make bromance cool.
    Nightcrawler was a great character will surely be missed.

  2. Thanks Aaron! Glad you liked the post - up next the females!

  3. Yeah.And Gar& Vic! My favorite Titans. you know you have a friend when you don't get to pay the ticket for destroing the world, because he stopped you :)

  4. Great list! Gar and Vic definitely wouldn't be the same without each other. And Wolvie needs his fuzzy elf. The brewskie needs the bamf. It's all about balance.

  5. Yeah Vic and Gar are my favourite Titans (aside from Donna) so I had to get them on this list somewhere!

    A brew and a bamf? That sounds like a pretty killer combo Random!

    Thanks for the comments!

  6. More bromances...

    Booster Gold and Blue Beetle
    [two guys that bounce off each other, both hilarious and likeable and annoying in equal measure. Frat boys as superheros]

    Mon-El and Ultra Boy
    [two alpha males that deliver the powerhouse punch the Legion needs, yet not competitive or not jealous]

    Apollo and Midnighter [!]
    [two guys who are always watching each others, forget I said that!]

    and lest we forget...the ultimate in buddy/best friend/brother bromance...
    The Thing and the Human Torch.
    [they laugh, they argue, they fight, they look out for each other].

  7. Oh, and Wonder Man and the Beast, from when they were in the Avengers [tho that friendship always seemed very 'forced' to me, as if Marvel wanted a 'comedy friendship'].

  8. You sure list alot of great ones Karl , proving the list could've been even twice as long if not more. Nova and Spedball, Cap and Falcon... the more you look the more you see!

    Re Beast: I always thought Iceman was more Beasts bestie, given the amount of teams they have served together in. Beast taught body to strategise and mature, while Bobby ensured that Hank always had time to let his hair down and not be totally wrapped up in science.

    Thing and Human Torch - well they're so classic it just goes without sayin huh :) (covers up fact they are absent from the list).

    Thanks for the comments!