Monday, February 14, 2011


Okay, so last post we sorted out Comics Top 5 Bromances, but what about the other side of the spectrum? Females whose B.F.F. never lets them down (hence the title). So let's take a mo to sit back and honour the ladies who prove 'girl-power' is nice for pop groups but it's women power that saves your bacon, with the Top 5 Comic Book Shemances.

5) She-Hulk and Invisible Woman: Two of the longest serving forces of the Marvel U, Susan Storm and Jennifer Walters have opposing powers that bely their friendship. Sue's powers make her fade from sight, while her former team-mate's make her even more prominent!

4) Wonder Woman and Donna Troy: Okay so they are kind of sisters but 'kind of sisters' still count! While the Amazonian duo are a pretty well balanced pair, Diana the warrior and Donna the nurturer, few are the foes who would stand against both! 

3) Black Canary and Oracle Sure Babs was the best Batgirl ever and Dinah got jipped out of what would have been a stellar run as head of the JLA, but together these two ladies use their rock solid friendship to administer justice where other heroes miss. Kicking tail and ensuring no one ever falls victim to a sinister bird of prey.

2) Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn Hey, even the criminally insane need a good mate or two! Pick your poison, pick on one the other gives you get a mallet to the head, pick on the other and her mates gigantic triffod eats you for brunch. Harley and Ivy are by far the craziest girls in the town, cracking hearts and bank vaults in their wake. 

Click on through for the #1 female duo...
1) Storm and Jean Grey 

Back when I read X-Men, one of the core elements of the franchise was the friendship between Ororo and Jean - heck it was even what pulled the team together after the divide at the formation of X-Factor.

The two forces of nature have guided each other and the battle for mutant rights through some of the darkest patches yet. Versus Magneto or Shadow King, or lead by Professor X or alone, as long as Phoenix and Storm can turn to each other there is nothing they can't overcome!


  1. I miss Jean Grey. Can't understand why they killed such cool character twice!
    I love all these pairings.

  2. That being said, I'm beginning to be of the mind that if you're going to put readers through that, commit to it and live with it. No bringing people back from the brink. Or take a cue from Pet Semetary and show that bringing people back isn't as good a thing as one might think.

  3. Jean is my favourite X-Man ever Aliera - so I'm in the same boat with you on that one (although Nightcrawler, Beast, Psylocke and Storm are pretty close behind)!

    Pet Cemetery Craig? Boy I haven't read/watched that in ages! You are right though - it would be cool to see a character mean dead is dead - just not any I love or follow... ;D

  4. It looks like our top 5 X-men are almost identical (swap Rogue for Jean and there's mine).

    I hate to see anybody die, but to keep bringing heroes back, it just cheapens the whole story. If you're going to go there, commit to it. Because in real life, there's no 2nd and 3rd chance. It just makes a greater impact. Now for someone like the Joker to keep coming back, that's kind of his thing and it's part of the character. He doesn't even play by the rules when it comes to life and death, and it works beautifully. Magneto, the Prof, Jean, The Flash, Batman, the Hawks, Cap, Spidey, et al, give them the respect they deserve, I say.

  5. Oh! Please don't kill the professor X. Again.
    And talking about a MIA do you think the Vanisher is dead or alive?
    I'd want him back.

  6. I'm not sure about the Vanisher Aliera - he always seems to pop up at the most unexpected times - guess that fits with his powers!

    Well Craig - at least when we take over Marvel's X-Men the line up will already be sorted ;D Though I have to say comics would be a sadder place without Magneto. I think he adds so much to the richness of the mediums anti-heroes/villains.

  7. Well when we do take over, I think my first order of business is going to be a proposal to depict Magneto as he should look for someone his age. And prove that a 90 year old, 110 lb. dude in old-man pants and a bucket on his head can still be the world's biggest badass when he wants to be.

  8. Hear Hear! I agree with Craig! Magneto doesn't need muscles to kick ass. He just needs the helmet. And his unswerving sense the HE is right and everyone else is always wrong. Great list, although I think I would have put Harley and Ivy at one. But I'm twisted like that.

  9. I love the Gotham Girls too. Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman

  10. I originally did have Harley and Ivy at number one too! But then I started thinking more over time then right now and the top two flipped around.

    Can anyone think of a pair I left off?

  11. Xena and Gabrielle? Not sure if that one was a comic.

    Buffy and Willow? (I know that one is).

  12. Xena and Gaby definitely did have their own comic! And you can't get much for She-romance than that. Really.

  13. Of course - Xena! You'd think I'd remember something filmed just down the road!

    Willow is another on too - although I don't think I ever watched an episode of Buffy so I might be excused on that one - just.