Thursday, February 24, 2011

COMING SOON: Deadshot Reloaded

Sorry for the delay folks - dude to an increased demand on our local Google after the quake, all pages linked to from the search engine, and it's products have taken FOREVER to load - including Blogger.

Still it's given me a pretty good chance to get a jump on typing out next weeks posts and for these seasoned two fingers, a headstart is always a great thing!

One chunk of cool I've done is Deadshot Reloaded,where every day next week, one of the two daily posts on IADW will be looking at the gun of the Suicide Squad turned Secret Sixer, including the artists who have drawn him and some of his best showdowns with the Dark Knight Detective.

Looking forward to it!


  1. i'm looking forward to it too! that issue you feature in this posting Dan was kick ass! Deadshot was such a bad ass through out this mini-series series but really peaked in this final issue. i mean really, if you were about to be attacked by a vampire and all you had where guns would you think to "kill" the vampire by literally blowing it's head off!? the shit you can pull off in dodgy situations when you keep your cool like Deadshot always does. just like when he shot Manticore in the face multiple times at point blank range when he realized his bullets couldn't penetrate Manticore's body armor in Suicide Squad #2.

  2. Thanks Dave! That image pretty much sums up Deadshot for me so I had to use it as the teaser. Plus it's an awesome costume that I think is a little better then the usual mix of sports gear he runs around in.

    Roll on next week!

  3. i said that too a while back about his costume. but i thought it was you who was making the case for his "sports gear" costume being better.
    wait! i take that back it was Sskoid who dared make that argument with me.

  4. Someone actually "dared" to argue with you?! I'm in shock. I might need to go lie down for a bit.

  5. So am I - That's just not how it's done.

    I used to get the message when I turned FIREFOX on that disagreeing with Dave would lead to account suspension - but seems that's not the case.

    There's just no respect for authority these days...

  6. i'm a firm believer in a ruling class my friends. especially since i rule.

  7. Okay, you guys just made my coffee go down the wrong pipe.