Saturday, February 05, 2011

COSPLAYER: Chewie, Cap and More Party At The NZI Sevens

Out of all 365 days of the year the one weekend where Wellington, New Zealand shows the rest of the country how to party, is this one, when the NZI Sevens comes to town.

While the Rugby World Cup hits our shores later this year, there's nothing like Sevens weekend in Welly - where the whole city comes alive and you can be catching the train, drinking beside or even watching the games themselves, alongside Whoopie Cushions, Ninja Turtles, or as this year would have it, these guys;

And we are not even half way through the Sevens Tournament! While us Kiwi's will undoubtedly win on field, the battle for best cosplay off looks like it's tougher than ever.

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  1. the Optimus Primes got my vote hands down!

  2. I'm not getting that patriotic feeling from those two Caps. Not pretty guys. I love the Primes too Dave, but that kid dressed up as Dhalsim takes a close second.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys and welcome to IADW Comix Book Gurl!

    On the TV at the moment heaps of other sweet costumes from Mortal Kombat, Star Wars and Avatar are still flooding in through the sporting gates, but I'm with you Dave I still like the Primes best!

    As for Cap's Craig - I just wanna know when the Sentinel of Liberty started sporting a Man Purse... not every bit of fashion advice the Wasp gives out is on the money folks.

  4. hey Comix Book Gurl, is that really you in that screen name icon? and if so you don't live anywhere near S.F. by any chance do ya?