Saturday, February 26, 2011

COVER SHOTS: BOOM! Studios May Solicitations

This time round I'm doing things a little different with BOOM Studios! May Covershots, only in that the book I'm picking as Cover Of The Month is so first-class, I am running out of ways to subtly plug it on this blog. So dropping subtlety and going for broke. Ladies and gents, you need to read;

Starborn; the book about the average joe writer in the dead-end job, who finds himself turned into the hero of his creations in the real world is just - freakin' - brilliant.

Writer Chris Roberson is easily my favourite writer with this and now Superman under his wing, and Khary Randolph has an illustration style which if he were on a Big Two book, would've already spawned 30 odd imitators by now.

Wait for the first trade or scramble for the first few issues now. If you like comics done good, Starborn is your hit.

For much more BOOM! May stuff click the jump.

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