Tuesday, February 15, 2011

COVER SHOTS: DC's May Solicitations

May is my birthday month and what gifts does DC bring to the table in their May solicitations? Adam Hughes covers, the launch of the 'Is it here yet? Is it here yet?' Flashpoint, and more! In deciding which parcel of cool to open first - these four covers yell loudest 'Pick Me'! 

COVER OF THE MONTH: JOCKDETECTIVE COMICS #877 And design teachers all over the globe point and say 'Less is more'. Playboy Bruce Wayne has no doubt drowned in the eyes of countless women, however having Batman plunge the depths of the female form like this creates a classic pulp image, suitable for 007 himself!

CLOSE CONTENDERS: Andy Kubert - Flashpoint #1, Dustin Nguyen - Batman Beyond #5, and Adam Hughes - Zatanna #13. See DC Comics full May solicitations after the jump.


  1. Can never go wrong with a Jock cover.

  2. Zatanna's cover is VERY cool.

  3. Thanks Doug, I'm pretty much of a simillar mind myself!

    As for Zatanna's cover Aliera - that Hughes chap is one talented guy!

  4. Yes he is. Each cover is a piece of art.

  5. Oh wow...You wonder if you should feel sorry for Bats..or not? Hmm. It's very beautiful and cold. Gives you that tingle up the spine.
    And yeah, and love how Zatana is PRESENTING you with the number 13. And with such style as only Zatana can, with just a little leg. Gorgeous.

  6. I agree Random - it's always cool when characters break the fourth wall, or not always but near enough!