Saturday, February 19, 2011

COVER SHOTS: IDW's May Solicitations

You know when you're playing Street Fighter, going all good, then someone jumps in as player two and hands you your butt in three seconds? That's what IDW does to the competition in May.

Three new G.I. Joe series, the return of 30 Days of Night, the Transformers 3 movie adaptation, and an anthology by many of the biggest guns in the biz. Their four best May covers? These right here...

COVER OF THE MONTH: ALEX ROSS - THE ROCKETEER #1 Forget my childlike glee when ever I see The Rocketeer or anyone with a jet-pack in general, this all new anthology miniseries backed by the family of creator Dave Stevens, features the art of Alex Ross, Mike Allred, John Cassaday, Michael Kaluta, Mike Mignola, Jim Silke, with tales written by Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek and John Cassaday! How can anyone say no to that?

CLOSE CONTENDERS: (Click to enlarge) Zack Howard - G.I. Joe #1, Ben Templesmith - Wormwood Vol3 Deviant Edition, and Peter Snejbjerg - The Devil's Concubine.

For the full rundown on IDW in May click the jump.


  1. Gosh I love jetpacks. Who doesn't want to strap rocketfuel onto their back, press a button and pray they don't blow themselves up? I'd pay for that thrill. And Ross delivers beautifully as always. Everything he makes is art. Every sheet, every line, every panel. No one touches him.

  2. i've never been a Rocketeer fan but there's no denying the Alex Ross skills displayed in that piece. and that Baroness on the cover of that G.I.Joe issue is smokin!

  3. I wonder if Alex Ross would paint my house? It'd be awesome and every comic fan who drove by I could point and say 'Alex Ross painted my house - jealous much?'

    Of course I'd probably only be able to afford a local Alex Ross and not THE Alex Ross, but hey - don't sweat the details!

  4. Hey, it's not lying, and you don't have to go into details. :)

  5. I'm looking forward to this newest Rocketeer!

  6. Likewise Don - and welcome to IADW! I've been waiting for this anthology FOR AGES so expect me to be all over it when it finally arrives. And lotsa blog posts here on IADW.