Monday, February 28, 2011

DEADSHOT RELOADED: Fan Made Poster For Batman The Dark Knight Rises

With a cool swagger and penchant for hard-ass one-liners, Deadshot would have made a great foe for upcoming flick The Dark Knight Rises - especially with Christopher Nolan wanting 'realistic Bat adversaries' and the Shot's Secret Six teammate Bane already in the mix!

Mexican artist Rogelio though, has stepped up to the plate and fashioned this fan-made poster in the style of those for The Dark Knight and pitched the idea one step further....

Now that is durn pretty! While Deadshot might yet be announced for the third installment of the Nolan Bat-trilogy, you can see all the other contenders Rogelio has knocked up, right after the jump.


  1. PSH as the Penguin makes sense, but if they ever did that character I'd love to see them tap Paul Giamatti.

    Oh, and maybe Patton Oswalt as The Mad Hatter.

  2. Good call on both Rob

  3. So Javier Bardem would be Deadshot?
    I like him a lot. It could be a good choice.

  4. I agree Aliera - I think he would be a great choice, he has that smirk confidence just built in doesn't he?

    Rob those choices are brilliant - with so many great characters and actors to play them it's a shame there's not an Arkham movie in the works where it focuses on Gotham's villains and the tapestry there of - may be with one of the lesser known Gotham heroes in any minor heroic role known.

  5. I don't know how they didn't use Arkham there yet.