Friday, February 25, 2011

HONEY, WHERE DID I PARK THE TANK? Homemade Megatron Takes Aim

This year a new car is on the menu for yours truly and while my friends are thankful I'm finally looking into selling Black Lightning - everyone laughs when I mention my ideal trade up would be for a BigFoot (insert Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor gruff here).

One man who shares my thirst to never be stuck in traffic jams again, has created his own homemade tank in the style of the Michael Bay Transformers version of Megatron.

While I bet his wife's pleased all the scrap in the backyard's gone and she's got her husband back, I bet the man who calls himself the 'Steel Legend' wishes the movies were more in-line with the original G1 toys.

That Megatron was a gun, and would've required a lot less screws and cuss-words to recreate. (More)


  1. i must be having some sort of memory repression from the one time i saw Transformers 2. i can't even remember Megatron transforming into anything much less this tank. that movie was so horrible outside of the forest fight and the part where Bumblebee rips Ravages's "spine" out that it doesn't surprise me that i can hardly remember anything else. at any rate, i'd love to have this ride next time i have to go to San Francisco. parking would be so much easier.

  2. I'll show this to Jenn. She won't mind the two shelves I take up displaying my Transformers now. I could be hogging the driveway too.

    Dave, don't get me started. I rented it when it first came out so my wife could see how bad it was. That was the last time I'll ever watch that movie.

  3. as bad as T2 was G.I.Joe was even worse! man i'm telln ya that whole #$%&*}! summer had nothing but disappointing sci-fi movies. the only exception was District 9. really pisses me off now that i'm thinking about it. if we were talking one of my own blogs i would be using more descriptive language to express my displeasure. i know Dan likes to keep things here rated at least PG-13.

  4. That is SO COOL!!!! I want one! I would so drive that. No one would ever cut me off again! EVER! Bwahahaa! And if they did, I could just shoot them!
    And yeah, the films were a huge disappointment. Even Iron Man 2 disappointed me. Although I think G.I.Joe was the biggest let down. I was expecting Transformers 2 to go the way it did because of who made it. And I can live with it because I still get to see my robots transform, and the techie in me still geeks out at that. But G.I. Joe...there is absolutely no excuse in the entire world for what they did with the Baroness...for what they did with Scarlett (HELLO SNAKE EYES EVERYONE! She didn't even look at him!!!!) And apart from the one comment my daughter made during the film I didn't really laugh at all. (When she saw them in Paris she asked.."So they're attacking France? What's the point in that?")

  5. Smart daughter!
    My experience with Transformers and G.I.Joe were some cartoons in the late 80's. I loved them and even though I didn't even know there were comics on them, they populated my imagination.
    Last year I decided to start reading some G.I.Joe comics and though: Why not take a crash course on the characters, watching the movie?
    Bad mistake.
    Still on the comics I did read, I liked the villains more than the Joes. Is there a patron there?
    About transformers, which movie did you like the least?
    Because I only saw the first one and didn't liked it.

  6. the second one is worse. Avoid it if at all possible.

  7. wait Aliera, are you saying you didn't like the first Transformers movie?

  8. Thanks for all the awesome comments guys!

    I'm with you Aliera, I didn't like either Transformers film. In fact I almost walked out of T1 when the Autobots were looking for places to hide in the garden. My resulting anger management counsellor says I'm making good progress.

    Random - your Daughter has great things ahead of them. With GIJoe I just wished for more cameos. I knew where the movie was aiming with Snake Eyes having rubber lips, so they could at least have thrown a few more favourites in to help wash it down.

    So Craig, Random and I are getting Tanks - who else? Anyone want to race?!