Sunday, February 20, 2011

MAKING A MARK: Abraão Lucas

Every week, Making A Mark features an insanely talented person, giving them a little artistic brag space right here on IADW. This week, yet another Brazilian artist with buckets of talent; Abraão Lucas.

While you may not read her book, who doesn't like the Maid of Might? Sure Supergirl's dress is close to being a scarf, but she's got long sleeves so at least her arms won't freeze. Look at that backdrop!

It's pieces like these where Abraão really shows an Iron Maiden like feel to his work. On the left we see how Spider-man's biggest threats would fear if the wall-crawler really let rip, and on the right, where last week we had the Red Tornado, this week we have the Red Volcano!

Kratos is easily the coolest video game character since Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth , and this work of him taking on one of the Titan's shows why. Since Kratos will pop into the upcoming Mortal Kombat relaunch, maybe MK's home at the WB will get the ghost of Sparta to trip into the DCU at some point too. Kratos vs. Wonder Woman - now that would be cool!

For more of Abraão Lucas's great work, visit his online gallery here or Twitter page here.


  1. That supergirl image is amazing but Kratos is a close second.

  2. ... I just noticed Supergirl's tan lines. Gotta give the artist two thumbs up for attention to detail.

  3. Haha - thanks Craig! It's amazing when things jump out at ya the second time around and you can be like 'How did I miss that one'!

    Glad to hear it happens to others :D

  4. Fan-flipping-tastic work! Good find Dan.

  5. I LOVE that Kratos picture. Supergirl's nice too. Gotta love a hippie that can pretty much kick anyone's butt. But Kratos...that is just a thing of beauty.

  6. Those tan marks...
    That kind of a tong. That really is a brazilian Supergirl.

  7. Thanks folks! You are right Aliera it does suit more the beaches of Rio than Metropolis!