Sunday, February 06, 2011


Every week, Making A Mark features an insanely talented person and gives them a little artistic brag space right here on IADW. This week it's the first artist in a long time who's rocketed to the top of my favourites list as soon as I saw his first piece of work. Humans and inhumans alike, I give you Caio Cacau Monteiro Alvares;

Hot damn - every time I look at his Justice League I find something else to scream 'Shazam!' over. From having Hawkman in the ranks, to Bats and Wonder Woman, even to the sunset sky, it is just freakin' amazing stuff. This IS the JLA.

Luckily for us though this Brazilian illustrator isn't just a one trick pony;

With a name like 'Justice Society', you instantly thing 'big massive group shots', but by trimming down and splitting the dark from the light, Caio ends up with two heroic pieces that perfectly capture the duality of DC's most historic super-team.

Jumping the fence, it always does an artist good when flipping through their portfolio I see they too are a fan of Psylocke;

Have you clicked to enlarge all of these and seen the level of detail this 31-year old uses? That Cap piece is loaded with them!

Now we've all seen Batman sitting all alone on a gargoyle before, but the perspective, colours and those Ghostbuster-ish skyscraper lights make the tried and tested Dark Knight shot seem fresh all over again.

A few more pics then usual this time round, but a) the dude is worth it, and b) we've only just scratched the surface of what he has on show. For Green Lantern, Namor, Joker, Iron Man and a whole heap more, visit Caio's own personal website right after the jump.


  1. Wow he got amazing gallery and i see a lot of Alex Ross influence in his work, which is great.

    Nice Pick Dan.

  2. these are great! i was going to pick that psylock as my favorite one but the others are so impressive too. i can see why somebody would see some Alex Ross in there but i'm seeing some Hilderbrandt Bros. too.

  3. Thanks guys - I think the dudes art skills are insane personally - If this guy isn't snapped up soon I'm not sure what the hope is for many others!

  4. That is some fantastic art! Love the Batman!

  5. I grew up with Batman perched in a gargoyle, but it never gets old.
    All those pictures were amazing Batman's my favorite.

  6. So Jonny and Aliera are you trying to say I put the wrong one at the top? ;D

    Thanks for the comments!

  7. No, we can keep the best for last! :)