Wednesday, February 02, 2011

MOMENTS IN COOL: Ghost Rider vs. Galactus

Okay so if you don't win Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds against final boss Galactus, he knocks the smack out of the planet, including your favourite local comic book store. But do you console crazed gamers know why? Because Ghost Rider isn't in ya character menu - that's why.

Sure the game features Storm, Phoenix and Hulk, but if the Spirit of Vengeance was in your arsenal there's no way ol' purple boots would be able to smack the earth around like a pinball. Just ask the makers of the Fantastic Four cartoon of the 90's - they knew. Sure Mr. G can take out Thor and the F.F. - but against the punisher of spilt innocent blood? He doesn't stand a chance...

As for Galactus at the end of MvsC3 - check out his wraith here. (Warning kids; video includes the player's salty language - but what does he expect? He's pitting Taskmaster against Galactus. May as well take a whizz on the dude for all the good that's gonna' do).


  1. Sweet!! my anticipation for this game gets higher and higher!!

    Too Bad Iron Fist was not enlisted, he could have been a major player.

    Good pick Dan

  2. Thanks IFF! I'm not really a gamer but I have to say this might just make my wallet spring open. Being able to pit Hulk vs Galactus - I mean how can you say no?

    And you're right Iron Fist would have been awesome - not to mention a natural for the crew at Capcom to draw! Hopefully next time...

  3. i never gave it any thought if the penance stare would work on Galactus. would that work ya think? ever since the X-Men 90's cartoon series Marvel has come out with nothing but shit as far as animation goes. but that's still some cool art at the top of the posting. i like how the big G is mostly shadowed.

  4. I've got a Gamestop GC in my wallet just waiting for this game. 2 weeks baby.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys! If I get the game Craig we'll have to do an online match up or something!

    Dave, I guess that depends on if Galactus has a spirit, which opens up a whole other can o worms. But hey for a cartoon it's a sweet moment.

    As for the top artwork, I'll be posting the Galactus art I photoshopped G.R on top of soon here on IADW. Not only is it a doozy - it also features the Silver Surfer!