Thursday, February 10, 2011

PASSPORT STAMP: Ron and Robyn, ricklucey, bite_me, and FollowTheNerd

Coming around the corner into Valentines Day and a whole bunch of new folks have shown IADW the love, by clicking up on 'follow'!

Ron and Robyn, ricklucey, and bite_me all follow other great Sci-Fi blogs and websites, so it's awesome that they have chosen to make my little patch of internet part of their reading list!
FollowTheNerd runs her own self-titled blog on nerdology in any media, and you can follow Follow The Nerd right after the jump!

Welcome Ron and Robyn, ricklucey, bite_me and FollowThe Nerd - Glad to have you aboard!


  1. Dan--thanks for the shout out. Robyn and I have been long-time comics followers (and, in fact, I owe my love of reading largely to the Legion of Super Heroes. Keep up the good work with your blog! (And feel free to check out mine if you've any interest in random TV, Theater, Book Reviews and the odd poltical rant).

  2. Thanks for that Ron! I'm a big Legion fan aswell and as I've mentioned to Random on IADW I'll be kicking off a regular Legion feature on here pretty shortly to help share the legion - lovin'. Hope you enjoy it!

    For all the folks out there in reader land Ron's website is right over at - check it out!