Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WATCHMEN: March's Hottest Comics

March will be a great month for comics. From the launch of Fear Itself and War of the Green Lanterns, to the debut's of Hellraiser and Godzilla: Monster World - there are just too many good reads for one wallet to handle. Here are the handful to really watch for;

HIT PICK TO CLICK: 5 RONIN #1-5 (Marvel)
Samurai (insert character name here) is a pretty sweet idea for any one shot. Make those characters Hulk, Punisher, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Psylocke, written by writer Peter Milligan and wrapped in covers by David Aja, and you have a done-in-one-month mini so hot you should get a free pair of asbestos gloves to handle it!

* THE CROSSGEN RELAUNCH / SIGIL #1 (of 4) and RUSE #1 (of 4) (Marvel) Marvel relaunches the first of the CrossGen titles - now coated in the 'Mighty Marvel Manner'! More Mark Waid written ruse deducing in Ruse, and more 'teenage girl meets intergalactic war' in Sigil - 'Nuff said!

* ANNIHILATORS #1 (of 4) (Marvel) What better place to have an all-star team then the deepest reaches of space? Don't groan - the puns could be worse. Still with Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator and the likes, vs. Dire Wraiths by the planet full, this mini will certainly see the heroes earn their stripes!

* FF #1 Okay, so the teams new paint-job had mixed reactions, but with Spidey, a new focus and the same hit creative team as last month's Fantastic Four, it's great people are talking about The Four! Grab this, before all the yacker shifts up a gear.

What March reads are you looking forward too?


  1. I cannot wait to read Ruse again! I loved it so much the first time, and have missed it ever since. Sign me up, put me in line, get me a tent and a hot plate...or at least a cup of coffee in a thermos. I want it NOW. Make mine Marvel! Yay!

  2. yeah, and ANNIHILATORS #1 also better be worth the $3.99 cover price too!

  3. off the topic Dan. i heard about that earthquake today in NZ. i know you don't live anywhere near the epicenter but i hope your ok none the less. and i hope also nobody you knew was hurt or worse either. let us know your ok as soon as you can bro.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! And thanks for the concern Dave - this afternoon has just been a stunner. Less than two months ago a similar sized quake rocked Christchurch and now 6.5 on the scale less than 5 feet deep has come through and hit already weakened infrastructure and at this writing 65 confirmed dead.

    Like I said in my email though Dave, we are only a country of 4 million so repair always takes a bit longer but we're kiwi's we'll do it. We'll throw concerts and fundraisers and empty money we don't have to help... so far I've heard from all my friends there, so now its just praying for those I don't know and hoping the aftershocks dont make a horrific situation worse.

    Thanks for all your thoughts mr, really appreciated aye.

  5. Hope all your friends are okay. I just knew, from a Dave's mail.

  6. I'm glad all your friends are okay. We'll keep them in our thoughts and prayers here.

  7. Just saw it on the news this morning. I'm glad to hear you're okay Dan.

  8. Thanks folks that is all so cool to read aye. So far we have assistance arriving from Austrailia, and more been sorted with America, England, Japan, the U.N, and other countries are supplying what they can to by the sounds of it including Israel.

    People are still buried in rubble, and people entering the cities disaster zone are being arrested on sight. A friend of mine was at an international nurses conference in the city, and apparently they all just went to the overloaded hospitals and got stuck in instead of exiting the city and have worked right through the night.

    Will be a long time before this one is sorted but some amazing stories are coming out of it. Real life heroes truly are everywhere.