Friday, February 18, 2011

WOLVERINE vs THE HAND: Gary Shore's Fan Trailer Breeds Awesomeness (And Ninja's)

It's a fact; ninja's sneak up on you and so does coolness. This morning logging into Facebook, to see what the usual crew of misfits were up to, Aaron of the IronFist Fan blog had posted this clip of Wolverine vs The Hand on my profile, urging me to check it out.

Boy I'm glad I did - not only is it cooler then all 107 minutes of the previous Wolverine: Origins film combined, it features a truckload of ninja's, a perfectly cast Wolverine and a woman who may or may not be Psylocke, (one who swaps the power to create psi-blades for balancing on the blade of a sword in high heels).

Eat ninja for breakfast, click on Irish lad Gary Shore's 3D image fest and feel your jaw drop.


  1. Just to put more input on Gary Shore's work. I saw a trailer for a movie he is working on called "A cup of tears"

    I must say it looks superb, i think Zack Snyder should watch out.

  2. That was gorgeous. I dread even the mention of a X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel, but if the inevitable does happen, I'd love to have this guy involved in it.

  3. Thanks guys - glad you liked the ninja fest as much as I did - and thanks again for the heads up Aaron!