Monday, March 21, 2011

BUY THAT MAN A BEER: Waid, Rucka and Williams on Marvel's #1 Trifecta

This weekend Marvel shoved a whole lot of cajones behind some of their oldest names, declaring new #1's for three heroes who are no strangers to having debut issues - this time backed by some pretty serious firepower.

Like a bat outta hell, my pick of the three has to be writer Rob Williams landing the new Ghost Rider series, after his Shadowland based one-shot special of the character. In that book, Rob had the Spirit of Vengeance throw a bit of a chin-wag with God from here...

With this kind of thinking at the throttle, the new adventures of Marvel's "supernatural weapon of mass destruction" really ought to tear up the roads ahead.

As for the remaining new releases named, here's some teaser images as well as quotes from the new writers on just what makes that character tick.

Greg Rucka's Punisher, in August with artist Marco Checchetto raises eyebrows. Greg is one of the best crime writers out, and it will be interesting to see if the man who usually takes a bit of set-up before he shifts gear, can come out all guns blazing with his more focussed Frank Castle.

Karl Kesel tried to ease back on the noir of Daredevil and rely more on the attributes of his namesake, and now Mark Waid looks set to trip those same steps. Lightening up Matt Murdock (let alone shifting his base of operations) must be a que for Jaws music in comic book writer world, but I have to admit the idea of seeing stunt-happy Matt tackle Klaw, Vulture and Electro does get my spare change jingling.

Buy That Man A Beer covers the best quotes from the pro's and public on pop culture. Click through to the CBR interview's that gave birth to these quotes here (Williams), here (Rucka) or here (Waid).


  1. it's also note worthy to mention Greg Rucka's excellent writing when it comes to spy & espionage story lines like we saw in Checkmate and even the Omac Project.
    So Dan, Annihilators #1? did you get around to reading it last week? i posted a splash page from Annihilators #2 as well as some more fan art of IKON i did this weekend that will take your head off.

  2. For me Greg's best work is as part of the Gotham Central crew and in the latter end of his Wonder Woman run. True that wasn't street level but he really had the mythology firing on all cylinders when that book lead into Infinite Crisis and the neck snap heard around the world...

  3. ... now I'm confused. I thought the Punisher was dead, or a zombie, or an undead Franken-castle zombie monster thing?

  4. Yeah Craig Marvel don't make it easy do they?

    Long Story Short: The Punisher was cut into pieces by Wolverine's son, put back together by an underground community of monsters, provided with even bigger guns and sent to war. After a rematch FrankenCastle headed back to Monster Island and healed. Now he's back as the Frank we all know and love minus stiches ;D

    Hope that helped!

  5. Yeah. That's Marvel for you.
    No one stays dead too long. Specialy if the book sells.
    Let's hope that works for Johnny Storm.

  6. Let's face a very real sense, comics are soap operas for geeks. People die and come back with a slightly altered look. They hook up with their worst enemies and their best friend's wives. One character(actor) can be found to switch books(soaps). But, of course, the super powers make our stuff way cooler. *cough cough*

  7. That's what my best friend used to say about Pro Wrestling, that it was a soap opera for guys, but with more folding chairs. He is also one of the guys who got me into comics. Strange mix I know. Nothing like a good heel-turn (a good guy doing a surprise turn and revealing that he's a bad guy) to make things interesting though.

  8. Comics ARE my soap operas.
    The drama keeps me waiting for more!

  9. Soap opera is partly what made the X-Men and New Teen Titans so big back in the day - I think these were the books that really struck that interaction on the head.

    X-Men especially. Now that franchise is a different beast to what it was, but back in the days of just a couple of X-books you never know who was going to show up, or as because the X-Men weren't all friends what teammates would cross swords with whom.

    Thanks for the great comments all!