Wednesday, March 02, 2011

CHEWIE CATCH! Cool Lego Star Wars Posters

I must be getting old. In my younger days anything cute used to bring me out in a rash, now if it's Lego based and themed for Star Wars I post it on my blog. Dam that 'Force' voodoo - it makes you do the darndest things.

See all five posters in full after the jump.


  1. LOL the last picture!
    My brother would love these legos!
    In fact, I have to show him those.

  2. Heehee. I love Star Wars legos. They're so tiny and cute and blocky. I like the one after the jump with the graffiti stormtroopers. But wouldn't it be better if they were painting a picture of ROM? (Dave, back me up here!)

  3. I know what Keith's getting for his b-day. I haven't been to his house since we moved him in. I'm wondering if his wife has assigned him a shelf to display some of his Lego collection.

  4. consider yourself backed up Barb. you all remember this posting on the ROM blog?

  5. Hehe glad these went down well. I love the last one too Aliera - Darth Vader - evil lord of the Sith but a bigger force behind the Barbie :D

    Almost makes me want to get out my old lego an create. No where near as big as Keith's I bet though Craig!

    Thanks everyone!

  6. He's got quite a few of the Star Wars sets and most of the original Batman series. We found Arkham online just before Lego pulled it. I think that was the last big set we got for him. Either that one or the motorized At-At.

    My Mother often asks us how old we are. I think we get more toys for our B-days now than we did when we were kids. :)

  7. Completely understandable my dear :)