Saturday, March 05, 2011

COME ONE, COME ALL: The Flashpoint Mini Series Already In The Centre Ring

Lately I've seriously hacked back my 'beyond a joke' comic book pull list. In twenty-eleven, the only event I'm allowing the odd tangent for is DC's Flashpoint, because heck I think the buzz on the whole gig pretty much ensures it will be a night to remember.

A night overloaded with spin-off's and probably a few last minute gate-crashers sure, but with DC today naming the creative teams behind those spin's, you cant really complain either. The one for me jumping to the front of the que; Deadman and the Flying Grayson's. Just look at this awesome cover from Cliff Chiang...

The characters are a great match, the design and type is phenomenal, and Nightwing is back in the disco era outfit. Cripes man, what more do you need?

Checkout all the crews and their sets after the jump at DC's Source.


  1. That is one kick-ass cover.

  2. It really is. Love it.

  3. and thanks for the Gen-X #2 cover in the sidebar. I had that issue, and really liked the way that title was going.

  4. Glad you guys agree! And no worries on GenX Craig - back in the 90's I was nuts on Chris's Death and Vertigo work. When he bailed for Marvel I quickly followed along. Heck I still do!

    Like you I liked the direction that book started off in.

  5. That is a great cover, and it must be a very interesting issue.
    I have to read this.

  6. I agree Aliera! I like how Deadman's mask is more of a circus look too - although he might need a hand from Mr Miracle getting outta that one!