Tuesday, March 15, 2011

COVER SHOTS: DC's June Solicitations

In June, DC has craziness reaching fever pitch right across their line. Green Lantern's are lanter-ing, Flashpoint's are pointing and one of the company's biggest lunchbox seller's hops back into their infamous star-spangled bikini (sorry folks, it's not Batman). Of all the madness going down Arkham Asylum style, here are the four hottest covers on the inmates inside.

COVER OF THE MONTH: Alex GarnerWonder Woman #609  Last month Alex took Marvel's best cover doing Silver Surfer vs a Dire Wraith. This month he's jumped fences to provide the cover for Wonder Woman's return of wardrobe - just nine months after putting a jacket on gave her global headlines. I have new socks on today - where's my press?

CLOSE CONTENDERS: Scott Clark and David Beaty - Green Lantern #67, Nicola Scott and Doug Hazlewood - Teen Titans #96, and Chris Burnham - Batman Incorporated #8. For more DC June solicitations click the jump.


  1. Looks like she's ready to kick ass and take names.

  2. If you think she is Craig - wait til you see who is next!