Tuesday, March 01, 2011

COVER SHOTS: Image Comics May Solicitations

Looking to escape the company wide crossover wallet drainers in May? Then you might wanna think about making the jump to the 'other' publishers - and Image Comics is offering just the right mix of genres to tempt you into leaping their way. The four best covers of the range, shake out like these ones right here.

ONE TO WATCH: RODIN ESQUEJO - MORNING GLORIES #10 After picking up a few issues on IronFist Fan's heads up I have to say this book deserves all the schoolyard hype it's getting. You can tell just with Rodin's covers alone, it is a class-act from start to finish. Poor Jade...

ARTIST AND TITLE: Eric Canete - Artifacts #9 (of 13), Chris Stevens - Skullkickers #7, and James Harren and Tony Shasteen with JD Mettler - Netherworld #2 (of 5).

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  1. Glad picked it up Dan. Enjoy and try not to get lost in it while reading