Tuesday, March 01, 2011

DEADSHOT RELOADED: The Top 4 Batman vs. Deadshot Throwdowns

If you're a vigilante in the DCU you are gonna come up against Batman. Heck if you're a hero you're even probably going to take a pop-shot just to see if you can beat the bat. Deadshot, being the dude with a deathwish that he is, not only tries his hand at the title, he keeps going back for seconds. Here are the four meet and greet moments of the pair I like best;

4) Go To Hell (Suicide Squad #13)
I love the silent panel of respect which hints at Deadshot actually respecting Bruce and having a heart. Well, one outta two ain't bad.

3) Less Talk More Shot (Detective Comics 474)
Pre these panels, the 'Shot still in his mouthy days, was spouting off left and right. How does Bats silence him? Judo move to the throat. Yip, that'll do it every time. Plus the reflected Batman leaping image is just to sweet for words.

2) Target: Bruce Wayne (Detective Comics #518)
If you've read this issue you know there's more to this scene than meets the eye, but trim it down to these three panels and having the man who never misses lining up Bruce Wayne in his sights makes for one hell of a page-turner. Could victory over Batman be this simple?

For the number one meet-up between Batman and Deadshot click right on through folks...

1) One Punch (Suicide Squad #10)
Okay, so it's Deadshot's list and most of them have Batman win, but a) it's Batman, and in this case b) what a win! Not only is it hard not to crack a laugh reading this little gem, at least now Guy Gardener and Deadshot have a little common ground.


  1. oy! i ain't eva seen 2 & 3 before. where'd that clip are come from eh mate? and Dan, how come ya ain't respondin ta yer email tanight ya bloody wanka?

  2. ok i'm switching back to normal English dialect. yes Dan that does look pretty cool with Batman's reflection on Deadshot's mask. however, can we settle this matter once and for all? is Deadshot's mask made of metal of fabric?

  3. Is that the question?
    I think it is usually fabric, and only on some drawings metal.
    Lawton is a guttsy guy, with no regard for his own life, so I don't think he would use a armor like Batman. Also he shot in the head, that other guy wearing is suit. So he knew it was a good place to aim.

  4. Dan I think he does respect the Batman, but I really don't know why. What happened before this scene? he couldn't be afraid.
    I didn't get it at the time, and still don't know why he didn't shot.
    I like the Batman, a lot. But I love Guy Gardner much more.
    Believe me Hal Jordan grew in my consideration on his one punch, on Batman in Green Lantern Reborn.

  5. The make up of his mask seems to me to be one of those "depends on the artist" situations. I looked it up and saw a lot of chrome-finished helmets. But for every one of those I found masks that looked more like they were bandages or strapping wound around his head.
    To me, it kind of reminds me of the way artists portrayed the organic metal arms of Colossus, Cable, and Garrison Kane back in the '90's

  6. Thanks for all the comments folks! I'm reading them over the morning coffee - had man-flu the last few days and while I've shaken it off I just can't get started today for some reason :D

    Glad you all mention the mask, I found the same thing doing research for this week. In some panels he pulls it down like Spider-Man - in others it's reflective metal and hard. Personally I vote for the latter, but it does seem to go artist by artist.

    It's like Deadshot's death wish, in some appearances that even gets forgotten, (whatever happened to editor's checking this kinda stuff?).

    Dave those two extra clips were from Detective Comics, he appeared there quite a bit for a while and I even found one more after I hit post that really should have been in this list. Maybe this post needs a sequel! ;D

  7. oh great you were feeling like shit and then you had to go and see my obnoxious comments to kick off your day. i hope your feeling better now.

  8. Thanks mate - yeah I am - and don't feel stink - your comments cracked me up!

  9. ok that's cool, but check your email before it gets much later if you can.