Wednesday, March 09, 2011

DOIN' THE DEATHLOK: Dave Wilkins Shows Why A Cyborg Zombie Never Looses It's Cool

You'd think in Sci-Fi World, being able to say you are a 'Cyborg Zombie' would grant you a massive fanbase and a lead role in a kick-tail, non-mutant X-Force kind of set up - but no. Old Deathlock has lucked out on hitting the big time for a while now, yet as artist Dave Wilkins proves in this locked and loaded little number, the gun-totting union of all things cool don't need no key to success - he just blows the damn door down.


  1. He looks kinda Robocoppish. . . Very cool!

  2. Robocop - another of the greats Doug!

    Thanks for the comments!