Monday, March 21, 2011


It is wet, grey and gloomy here in New Zealand today, yet folks across the nation are on the lookout for dwarfs and dragons, as dawn kicked off filming on Peter Jackson's The Hobbit.

Starting in Wellington and other secret locations around the country, word is been kept tight on which scenes will be shot first, but after all this wait it is good to know the adaptation of Bilbo's quest to snatch the treasure guarded by Smaug the dragon and reclaim the dwarven kingdom of Erebor is finally underway.

Updated: Here is the first picture of a new Hobbit home in the blockbuster movie. I can hear tourists packing suitcases right now...


  1. they used to show the original animated movie of The Hobbit at this YMCA i went to when i was a kid. this was around 1981 A.D. i loved it back then so i don't know how i'm going to feel about the live action version. i also used to have the little record and read along book for it :) i should see if i can find it on Youtube.
    Dan, i don't know if this posting just popped up because you scheduled it for today or if it's because you've returned from the dead once again. i sure hope you don't end up on the back of milk carton next time.

  2. It's about time! I still want Christopher Lee to play Sauruman for the second bridge movie.

  3. Good to hear it's finally underway.

    I may go and re-read it to celebrate.

  4. I loved the original Rankin-Bass animated film too. I've got both the Hobbit and Return of the King on VHS somewhere around here. I tried showing both of them to my kids, but they didn't like either. Yes, DNA testing soon followed, but they really are my kids.

  5. Thanks for all the great comments guys and welcome to IADW lok!

    All the main actors are back and Jackson is behind the wheel so I think we're in pretty good hands. I've even updated the post with the first pic of the new Hobbitville to help prove it!

    And yip I'm back Dave, what's with the end of summer that it's more time crunching than summer itself?!

  6. I read a lot, and read Lord of the Rings in a Portuguese translation many years ago. It didn't work for me and I found myself being the only person in the world that used to say she didn't like LOTR.
    Still, I went to see the movies (very sceptical) and loved them.
    I guess the Hobbit will be great and with your New Zealand scenic views, we know it only gains. You live in a beautiful place.
    Enjoy the rest of your sunny days.
    We're just starting Spring in Portugal.

  7. I still have the animated version on VHS (although, alas, no VCR anymore) and it was one of the few things we were allowed to watch during lent on TV. Yes, my parents made us give up TV for lent. This was also when my Dad would read the Hobbit out loud to us. I have since read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings countless times as any good geek must and I cannot WAIT to see this movie. Squee!
    Thank you Dan!

  8. It took me ages to finish LOTR when I was a kid, I was more into books with spaceships and dinosaurs then I was swords and sorcery, but then we were made to read it in class so that put an end to that!

    Most of the actors of LOTR are back in the country and no doubt as filming rolls on over the country the news here will have coverage of all the scenes going down.

    After Christchurch it's nice to have something that raises the nations spirits a bit... :D

    Thanks for sharing ladies!