Tuesday, March 15, 2011

IF THE BAT-PAD'S ROCKIN: The Gotham Themed Suite At $50 For Three Hours

Let's face it, if every guy who thought of or asked their partner to put a little 'Catwoman' into their relationship dropped dead, there would be a mass population drop, not to mention a very empty Comic 'Con.

Well now Bat Fan's can truly test their partners limits by hiring the Bat Suite, at the Eden Motel in Taiwan. There Curbed.com reports, one of the 46 rooms offers everything you need to 'get your Gotham on', including hot tub, miniaturized Batmobile and complimentary "lubrication, sexy lingerie and other perks".

As if you haven't guessed, The Eden isn't built with romance in mind - the Bat Suite is hireable per 3 hour block. Mind you with the bat insignia plastered on every conceivable surface, that might 2 hours 59 minutes longer than anyone's sanity can handle. The Joker's included.


  1. Well, it whould be useful for an expensive laugh.

  2. Ha - you are right Aliera! I think I would spend 3 hours just in the mini batmobile!