Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MOMENTS IN COOL: Thunderbolts #147 - Luke Cage and U.S.Agent Stomp Their Name

The person who coined the phrase 'needle in a haystack' was never a fan of a small character in one of the 'Big Two' universes, trying to keep track of their adventures.

Case in point; I loves me some John Walker, aka U.S.Agent. However, since he the end of  Mighty Avengers sometime back, I've lost him in the musical chair shuffle that is the Marvel Universe.

Now I find he's in the pages of Thunderbolts, acting as warden of The Raft - the metahuman prison that fellow heavy-hitter and bearer of cool, Luke Cage runs the villan-turned-semihero mob from. Wheelchair bound with a prosthetic arm, rioting inmates think he and Cage are easy prey. As the following clickable scans show, they are about to learn the truth one way - hard.

Now I'm not pegging Cage and Walker as the new Cage and Iron Fist, but they do make for one hell of a team.

Nailed by the writing of Jeff Parker and the Mike Mignola-inspired pencils of Kev Walker -  Cage and U.S.Agent haven't been this solid in years.

For the bonus of how Cage takes out the Purple Man, click on through to the next page.


  1. I loves me some John Walker too!
    He lost his leg at Siege, and he's still mourning it so refused to have a super advanced protesic leg.
    I liked John since he substituted Captain America for a while.
    This Thunderbolts run is my favorite so far.
    I like most of the characters, specialy Juggernaut and the writing is flawless.

  2. Thanks Aliera! Glad I'm not the only U.S.Agent fan!

    I think the Juggernaut in Thunderbolts is the best I've ever read him. For such an awesome villain it's amazing how many writers just seem to pass him off as a brute.

  3. Whoa! that is some brutal pages, U.S.Agent is badass.Very impressive

  4. Yes, I was impressed. But then, I didn't expect any less from an angry John Walker.
    And Dan, I totaly agree. Juggernaut has so much unused potential.
    And he as proved now and again he is more than just a blockbuster.
    Right now I'm really liking how this characters are being writen.

  5. Thanks IFF! I edited a few scenes out of other characters so glad it didn't effect the kick-arse-edness of the moment! Yip you heard right folks 'kick-arse-edness'. Because I can!