Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MURMURS OF MIDDLE-EARTH: The Lord Of The Rings Music Video Remix

Damn this video! I had a spare weekend lined up, now it's awesomeness wants me to try cramming in the suicide gambit of watching all three LOTR films in one hit!

Remix the Gandaulf - just make with the clicky...


  1. And that just begs the question Dan...theatrical release version...or extended version? ;) I've had that happen. Usually because one of the kids wants to watch Fellowship and who can leave it there? Not me. It's like watching Star Wars. Then you have to watch Empire...cause hey! You remember how much better it is...and then at the end of Empire I can't stand leaving Han encased in carbonite. It feels mean. So I have to watch Jedi. I can't stand leaving Mary and Pippin at the end of Fellowship..I have to see them rescued. So you slip in the second movie..and suddenly the day is gone...

  2. Exactly - in my last flat we tried to do all three four times... never quite making it to the end! Still everyone loves a trier ;D

    Pirates of the Caribbean is another one that has that effect on me... Damn that Captain Jack...

  3. Oh...don't get me started on Captain Jack. Preferably with some Jack. And now there's going to be a fourth one which will make it even more difficult. Darn that Mr. Depp and his hypnotic effect!

  4. Jack and Jack Daniels... now there's a team up thats worth a good hour or three!