Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ORIGINAL ART: Dave Wachter's Hawkman

Sometimes knowing the internet's best kept secrets really pays off. Last year I discovered The Guns of Shadow Valley, a free western webcomic with a super-powered twist, and loved it so much I made it Comic of the Month last September.

Part of the buzz for the community of gunslingers the website attracted, was the ability to win a sketch of your choice by series artist Dave Wachter just for commenting. While I was stoked to win the last ever comments section prize, I thought it was a bit unfair to ask the crew to fork out for international postage, just to keep one fan happy.

Then today this arrived;

My Hawkman! While I came that close to asking for Adam Strange, She-Hulk or The Vision, seeing this piece and how Dave nailed it all, from the mask through to that tricky hawk icon, I'm glad I ran with the guy I've followed since I ran into my first Justice League comic way back when. It made my day - big time.

Thanks Dave and everyone at The Guns of Shadow Valley!


  1. Nice one! When I saw the drawing I first thought it was by Gabriel Hardman.

  2. Good call Richard! Now you mention it I see the same style links. Both really talented dudes!

    Thanks for the comments!