Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PANEL OF THE BRIGHTEST DAY #22: Firestorm Gets Impatient

With only a couple of issues left to go Brightest Day is definitely coming to the boil! This week it’s Firestorm’s turn in the pot, and the action sliced up this issue irons out some of the character's weaker spots, setting him up for a four-course future.

How? By having him take on the guy that tries to end everyone’s tomorrows by breakfast; the Anti Monitor. All this talk on food is making me hungry, so let’s just skip to the spoiler free teaser image of Brightest Day #22 - out now!

Now THAT’S the fury of Firestorm!


  1. too bad Firestorm is just a fictional character cause they really could use him in Japan about now. his powers would be ideal for that situation with the reactors and their over heating spent fuel rods. the techs that are dealing with that right now are however some real life heroes. God help them all. and that's saying a lot coming from a guy like me who isn't exactly a man of the clothe.

  2. That is a great point Dave - it makes you wish for the days when comics had deadlines that allowed themselves a bit more freedom to tie into actual events. Maybe digital will see the return of that?

  3. alright Dan, your dodging my question about the Annihilators. i'm quite well versed with several interrogation techniques both noninvasive and very invasive that have proven in the past to be very successful with extracting information from the subject. so how's this gonna go down mate?

  4. Alright I cave! I'm not dodging I read it in stages over the last few days and I loved it. I'm a sucka for DnA's writing though so maybe I'm a bit bias - but while seeing the homeworld was a jaw-dropper I loved the little character moments thrown into the book.

    I'd really like to see Firelord join the team too- that would be pretty sweet. Maybe even Darkhawk?

    Will be writing a thing for IADW on it soon and commenting on your ROM blog post too when I can put things a bit more wittily!

    Do I escape the interrogation now?

  5. BARELY! your high praise has momentarily abated my wrath. it's pretty much universal now among ROM fans and fans of epic Marvel Cosmic story lines (or fans of both like me) that the book so far gets a thumbs up. Siskoid was holding out on me too with his opinion about the book but after i "worked him over" for a while he eventually broke. i don't know what that was all about with him but he is French Canadian so...ya know.
    yes Firelord would have been a good addition to the team and of course so would Nova have been. i think the guy from the Nova Prime blog might have come out of his coma had that been the case.
    well once you really can absorb that story from issue 1 read my review if you want to but at this point it's probably gonna be for laughs cause i think we'd be pretty much agreed (for your sake). somebody made me privy to something pretty sweet that i'll be posting around 5:30 PM NZ time. here's a hint, it's even more bad ass then my last IKON draft and the splash page from issue 2 combined! thanks for the comment on the SS blog mate i know it made Aliera really happy.

  6. I'm glad you guys did a great Wall post - haha get what I just did?

    Hopefully if Annihilators does really well we could see them get their own book. What ever happened to that Marvel team vs Marvel team thing too? Put the Annihilators up against the Squadron Supreme and see how the JLA-light fare against the biggest and best!