Saturday, March 26, 2011

STAN BUSH - THE TOUCH: Music That's More Than Meets The Eye

Today in the real world I was supposed to be driving around looking at a new car, but God has decided to flood the earth once more and in lieu of spending my remaining hours building a wooden vessel to survive the storm, I am bunkered down watching what I still claim is one of the best comic/sci-fi' movies ever - the animated Transformers movie of the mid 80's.

I could (and probably will at some point) fill a blog post on why this film rocked my world in ways I've never yet recovered from, but for right now as the DVD screams on 'pause', I'm just going to run with flicking you back to the 80's in one hit, with a song whose billboard chart presence never reflected how awesome it truly was; The Touch by Stan Bush.

Yip, if I ever make it on American Idol that will definitely be my song.


  1. I have this soundtrack somewhere in this house. On cassette. I don't even know if I have a cassette player in the house.

    I can't watch this movie because when I bought it in college, it wasn't anywhere near as good as I'd remembered it. My son owns it on DVD though (thanks to Alan) and has watched it about 20 - 30 times.

  2. oh man! this classic cheesy 80s rock is timeless! ya know to same people who like to goof on this song but when it comes on the radio their all into it. it was the perfect song to play during the fight scene between Optimus and Megatron in the first Transformers animated flick. sometimes i wish they had managed to work it in the sound track for the first Transformers (the good one!)live action movie but at the same time i could see why they didn't. but it was cool how they used it in Boogie Nights. now that was one great friggin movie! aside from it having a great soundtrack and being about the porn industry of the late 70s and early 80s it was just an all around godd drama story with fun characters and great "performances" by the cast.

  3. Transformers 2 degrees of separation from Boogie Nights? Never had that one before David! Still it works though..

    I love some of the scenes in the video clip. The only downside for me about the film is some of the best Autobots lose their lives in beatings they had taken worse than before (Prowl I'm looking at you). But Optimus's final fight still gave me the goosebumps, so it still ticks a few boxes for me.

    Thanks for the great comments guys!

  4. it did have it's moments and i was shocked too when those autobots got killed early on. but you have to admit that the movie when down hill when the junkions came into the story. that was just total pander to the pop culture kidy crowd BS. just like jar jar binks and those and those stupid hip hop autobots from Transformers 2. it's the die hard fans that made it possible for those movies to be made in the first place. when are those movie producers gonna realize that we don't want to see crap like that!?

  5. I took Alan, Keith, and 2 or 3 of their friends in our neighborhood to see the movie. Ironhide getting his chest (windshield, whatever) blown open had us all jumping out of our seats. Keith took it pretty hard when Wheeljack's head flashed on the screen.

  6. Yeah the Junkions were a horrible addition - I was still sitting on the fence with Blur and then that... both were hard to handle on the back of Optimus's demise.

    Still think Devastator as leader of the Decepticons had merit...

  7. the Junkions stopped the movie dead in its tracks for me too. The writers had a really cool thing going with the Quintessons, then it's like somebody just gave up on the whole plot and said "now we need something cute that the kids will want to buy. You know, like the Ewoks only robots. Hell, we'll even get Eric Idle to voice him so the parents will think it's cool too". Wrong. Even the toy sucked. I bought him mind you, but I didn't enjoy parting with that $20.