Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BACK TO BLACK AND WHITE: Joe Quesada and Kevin Nowlan's Batman Rouges Gallery

At the risk of offending league's of colourists (The League of Colourists?) everywhere, reading through a few Marvel's Essentials in the weekend I was struck with the desire to see more of today's modern comic art - rendered in colour-free black and white.

So let's kick this fortnightly feature off by grabbing one of my top Batman images by real-life dynamic duo; penciller Joe Quesada and inker Kevin Nowlan - their wrap-around cover to The Batman Gallery #1, strip off the colour and marvel at the 'bones' beneath.

Now if that isn't 'wow' material I don't know what is. While Nowlan is a seasoned DC pro, the fact we probably will never see Quesada back on the other side of the fence, is a crying shame. I mean if he draws Catwoman that well, imagine what his Starfire would look like. Joe Quesada and Kevin Nowlan on Titans. Now that's a relaunch!

To go back one step again and see Joe's bare pencils, click the jump.


  1. First comic ever I saw with Catwoman, I was five or six.
    It was one that started with Selina dreaming that Vicky Vale was on a dark empty street, just to find ou it wasn't empty, and CatWoman was there to kill her for stoling Bruce Wayne from her.
    She was terrifying for my 6 or so years old, and very sexy too.
    I think it was recentely that she became more sporty, and less the sensual kitten.

  2. And I agree! Amazing art.

  3. nothing beats Batman's rogues gallery. I'm with you Aliera, it's just amazing.

  4. Glad you guys both dig what is going down in this post!I think part of what makes all the great rouges galleries work is you can read the rouge just by looking at them. You know what they do at a glance. Sometimes modern villians are just to cluttered.

    The first comic I ever saw with Catwoman Aliera? I don't know if you got it, but we get the British comic Annuals. In one of my Batman ones there was a short story written by some unknown called Grant Morrison, about Catwoman breaking into the Batcave. It was brilliant!