Thursday, April 21, 2011

CHANGING FACES: Variants Spotlight The X-Wardrobes Of The X-Men

While collecting comics and reading their monthly doses of four colour imagination in print can help to keep you in contact with 'the kid inside all of us' a little longer than most, they can also make you feel old really, really fast.

Especially when Marvel decide that in teasing x-crossover (x-xover?) X-Men: First to Last, they are going to deck out a whole bunch of books with wrap-around covers, highlighting the wardrobe changes of some of the franchises landmark characters.

Then you look at them and say "God - there's been that many since I first started reading them?! I must be ancient!"

Reversing the cruel blow, I'm glad that Havok gets a cover - not only is Alex one of the best X-Men going, that coat-hanger head outfit has never been beaten. Mind you, neither has 'Mohawk Storm'.

Storm Variant by David Yardin (The Mighty Thor #2), Havok variant by Larry Stroman (Journey into Mystery #623), and Sabretooth variant by Mike Deodato (Venom #3). Look for the full range on shelves in May!


  1. Storm in whatever outfit she has been in has always looked good. that first black outfit Havoc used to have with the metal strips on top of his head was long over due for an over haul. Sabertooth's first costume was pretty good especially for the 80s but i never liked his 2nd one. he looks cool these days though. by the way, if you'd like to have a look at the Emma Frost under wear collection just go here:

  2. So Sabertoot is alive again?
    Did he grow a body?
    Storm first costume is, and I guess, it will always be my favorite. For my chagrin they never returned to the classic. That flowing cloack (?) was genius work. That ring joing upper and down part od the suit, was... I liked it.
    About Havoc, it only got better ;)

  3. I agree David - Storm is always pretty fierce, however I think I have to buck the trend and stick with my thoughts on Havoc ;D

    As for Sabretooth - yeah I think he's alive again Aliera, but not to sure how. I just know it happened in one of the new Wolverine arcs.

    Im glad he is. There are so few just outspoken sinister characters in comics that are as fleshed out as he, it is a shallower universe without Sabretooth running round in it.