Monday, April 25, 2011


Hey Folks, hope you are having a fantastic Easter weekend, where ever you are reading IADW from. It's pouring down here, which is pretty good timing, as full of Hot Cross Buns and Chocolatey goodness, I'm about toi turn the phones off and relax with one of my favourite comic book films of all time - a family friendly number that rarely get's the nodd's it deserves.

While it probably retails for 50 cents now at your local DVD store, Rocketeer is based in a brilliant pulp setting, with all the Nazi's, Blimps, and fun good movies should muster. For the few who haven't seen it, here thanks to YouTube, is the theatrical trailer;


  1. Hope you enjoyed all that chocolate. In here we eat almonds covered in chocolat or sugar fo easter. do you have anything like that in your part of the world?
    I'm asking around.

  2. we do. My grandmother loved those. I'm partial to black licorice jelly beans though.

    This movie was on SciFi a few weeks ago. I hadn't seen it since I saw it in the theater. What a great flick that was.

  3. Yeah we have those here too Aliera, but Easter is mainly eggs and bunnies. Ohh yeah and creme eggs - now them's some good eats!

  4. What are cream eggs?
    That sounds good.

  5. pure liquid sugar, colored white and yellow to look like a real egg, encased in chocolate. I'll email you a picture.

  6. Craig forgot to mention they are packed full of yum Aliera! Unless you eat too many - then it's not so sweet!

    This year was the first year we had foreign creme eggs imported. Nothing against no one but Kiwi Chocolate has to be some of the best stuff going.