Thursday, April 07, 2011

PANEL OF THE BRIGHTEST DAY #23: Like A Boomerang He Returns

This weeks Brightest Day #23 made every 80's DC fan summersault around the room like Nightcrawler on a sugar high.

While this fortnightly post promises just a spoiler-free teaser panel of the most recent issue, if you haven't read the book yet and don't mind spoiling your dinner, you can check out whose return made ol' Captain Boomerang gasp by clicking through to the very next page...



  1. goddamnit, i saw this issue at Crush Comics today when i was picking up my books. i would have taken a look at it had you posted this sooner in the day ya bleedn dingo :)

  2. Swamp Thing is Awesome! The scariest I've ever seen him!

  3. I'm stoked Swampy has returned to the DCU. Sure he suits Vertigo, but I think you can still tellhis sagas in both styles at the same time. He just fills a massive gap in the normal DCU and anything that gets him back in the spotlight is a great step forward.

    This is only half of Swamp Thing though guys, Alec Holland also returns in the second half of the book so expect next issue for the big reunion!

  4. Oh yes. This was a great issue, and next one has a promisse to be even better.
    Poor Boomy! Giant black swamp thing has to be a scary vision.
    I also liked the elemental(y) heroes, but I expect them not to stay that way or it would be a very starnge Aquaman comic.

  5. I always get nervous when heroes each take an element Aliera - I just think they are going to point skyward and summon Captain Planet at any moment. If Dove is revealed to have the power of heart I'll officially want my money back...

  6. LOL
    If she has the heart power and I actually thing she might have, Boomerang will be mighty screwed.
    Indeed, since Hawk and Dove botha appear in next issues os Birds of prey at the DC comics site, I think they are going to be okay. Whatdoes it mean to my favorite character? We'll see in two weeks.
    Who would be captain planet the Swamp Thing or Dead Man?
    Why, does anybody knows, they pushed last issue of Brightest day one week?